Our first studio was a slum compartment at Goregaon. The 400 sqft room, that was a dumping yard before we hired it, had thick brick walls with no windows, no light, no air. Its Aluminium roof leaked rain and the gutter outside left an unbearable stench all over the place. The room would get congested with smoke whenever a welding job was being executed. We continued to carve clay in a corner of the same dark room with watery eyes. No amount of artificial lights or standing fans seemed to help.

With no relatives or friends ready to lend us their house to freshen up every day.... And due to the acute money crunch we had in those days, my entire studio team had to walk a kilometer every time to visit the loo and we paid to bathe in public washrooms, once in every few days. Bathing had become a luxury during the few months that we survived in that claustrophobia.

Yet we stayed put in such environment - because it was the only place within our budget that gave us the wings to create our Art. I thank my Team for not deserting me in that phase. While recruiting artists for my studio today, it is this uncompromising commitment to Art that I look out for.... because the level of sincerity gone into creating each piece clearly reflects on it. 

The exhibitions that we were working on during that time eventually gave us great exposure and led us to investors who commissioned significant projects to us.

The new studio is now located amongst serene locales of Navi Mumbai, a satellite suburb of the busy Mumbai city in India. Complete with all the latest infrastructural facilities for multimedia Sculpture, the STUDIO encourages and hones promising fresh talent talent to acquire their baby-steps here. For pictures, click the following link -

Studio team members put together all their means just to have this design-temple created the way it is today... Friends contributed financial, physical and moral support, whereas kind landlords granted concessions in the lease contract to make the struggle easy for us.

Big dreams require an equally Big dedication to materialize. I am purely blessed that many others dreamed along with me.... my wife, parents, my Studio Team, friends, landlords, in-laws.... and loyal "fans" who still travel across the length and breadth of India to attend my shows in person......

.............I'll be indebted to all of these forever!

The STUDIO Team :

- Hemant Sonawane (Owner, Chief Sculptor)
- Aamrapali Bhogle Sonawane (Administration, Planning & PR)
- Anilbhai Hamirani , Rajubhai (civil works support team)
R.K. Gupta, Swapnil Godase (metal fabrication team)
- Ambadas Payghan (assistant artist)
- Pralhad Chitale (assistant artist)
- Aatish Palwankar (assistant artist)
- Chetan Patil (illustrations)
- Rupesh Manjarekar, Baliram Kumbhar (mould casting team)
- Prakash Gupta (surface lamination)
- Samrat Bhogle (technical drafting & 3D simulation)
- Webonise Labs & A-web Solutions (website)
- Mrityunjay Das (plumbing maintenance)
Special Thanks to....
- Khalil Seth Ansari
- Dnyanesh Rangari
- Suratna Kumar Sahoo
- Avinash Mhatre



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