September 2008. I had stopped accepting commissioned work to save all energies for my final year in BFA (Sculpture). In another year I was to be out of college, and yet had no preparations whatsoever to hold my stand in this competitive industry. A friend suggested that I should use media networking to spread awareness about my work. But for once, I did not know what the internet was all about. And secondly, where was the money? I was starving for days and struggling to survive and secure myself from petty college politics.  

Finally I started this blog as a substitute to a website. Today I have considerable media presence, a website and my own design-studio too.... yet this blog has turned into a personal diary of sorts... an alter ego I peep into whenever there's an urge for introspection..... 

Looking back, Life has taught me many things.... but most of all to love truly, trust my Karma, have respect and patience. Great dreams transform into reality with just that little miracle of human faith called determination.


~ Hemant


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