Monday, June 22, 2015

Making of Kareena Kapoor sculpture for Lakme

One fine evening last monsoon, me and Hemant were munching bhujiyaas at our Goregaon pad, watching drizzles romanticize the already scenic panorama seen from our 21st floor apartment.

Yashraj Films had contacted us with a never-before marketing idea. They wanted
Hemant Sonawane's Studio to create hyper-realistic sculptures of Shah Rukh Khan for promotion of an upcoming venture. Similar to the wax statues at Madame Tussauds. These lifesize sculptures would be used for promotional activities all across India and abroad. Hemant pointed how even a sculpture of Shah Rukh Khan was enough to carry a mega-budget film's marketing solely on its shoulders. And I remarked that this would leave Shah Rukh free to endorse goodies other than just his films. Just then Indian Cricket captain MS Dhoni peeped out of dad's television set and said, "Me too!" , advertising ceiling fans in the cool of monsoon.

Movie actors sell cement, biscuits, detergent... Cricketers sell soaps, jam and insurance. As a rule, whoever entertains, can sell. We were left wondering if ever a visual fine artist would be engaged to endorse a product. However rich, however elite... this professional stream that backs practically all media content, remains much snooty even today. For all the beauty that paintings or sculptures can encompass, they essentially remain self-engrossed and self-centered... They may provoke an observer to react but will not actively engage in entertainment.

It was therefore a rare feat that Team Lakme managed to turn "Sculpture" into a performance art form for mainstream viewing. Have a look....

Artist Hemant Sonawane creates Kareena Kapoor sculpture for Lakme Absolute Sculpt.

Hemant created a larger-than-life bust of actor Kareena Kapoor at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi... in a live demonstration that lasted through one full month. And now, they have released a video advertisement that covers the whole process through time lapse. This promotional strategy has worked wonders. Not only did it raise curiosity during brand activation phase, the video has garnered interest of over 2.5 lacs consumers in a span of only 3 days since its release across Lakme's various social networking platforms. Absolute Sculpt Lipstick looks all the more ravishing due to its newfound unusual canvas.

Yashraj eventually changed their marketing strategy for the event. 
Instead, Hindustan Unilever's Lakme broke the glass ceiling, a year hence.
Hemant now appears in this Lakme commercial endorsing lipstick!
I swear I won't tease Dhoni again. 



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