Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Horse Portrait by Hemant Sonawane

If you remember, I've painted a few horse murals before...
Check out THIS LINK :

But most of my work in this field has been hyper-realistic. Collectors who see my previous works insist on Art along similar lines... So this time for a change, we altered the medium and used oil paint instead.

Given Mumbai's high humidity, the painting took forever to dry up. It would be infested with fungus if the studio moisture wasn't controlled - and it's not an easy task to do. Plus we had the notorious Mumbai monsoons to add to the plight. I had 2 dedicated assistants just heat-blowing the canvas all day long. In addition, 3 halogen floodlights focused on the painting all the while, making it an impossible environment to work in. The studio was like a living furnace. And all doors and windows had to be left open forever for the moisture to dissipate... Made it so impractical for me to leave the place during its making.

Yet once this was completed, I wondered why I haven't been painting more of these until now. No surprise then that most artists who've got into painting Horses have stuck to doing that for the rest of their lives. The subject has a lot of scope. Apart from the fact that I've painted hyper-realistic work, would love to do some abstract Fine Art on the topic too!

Here's the work for those who missed it on my Facebook Page -

The painting is 5 feet tall and commissioned by a private collector....
.....Finished it this summer.... half a year back.



Bikramjit said...


beautiful ...


Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Thank You, Bikramjit


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