Saturday, August 11, 2012

At the Corner of a Wall


One sunny day sometime last year, as we were re-arranging stuff in our over-crowded studio, I was quite irked as my wife stood in the way clicking pictures of a blank wall even as the rest of us were sweating on random jobs. Our studio is painted in an all-white texture. Through the years it has endured a handsome splattering of clay, paint, plaster as much as frequent mouse-digs, flooding and damp mosses in every monsoon. Yet the roughness of walls embraces all imperfections with beauty. 

Whenever we need a grunge background to photograph our sculptures, these very walls lend themselves to the shoot. But Aamrapali was focusing on a corner - one from where sculptures had just been moved out and heaps of clay were now being placed. The lens of her Nikon P100 kept zooming in and out for a while, aiming at the same spot near the shutters. Suspecting that she must have discovered something of value (perhaps a theme we could use for our next exhibit!), I peeked onto her camera screen.

Right at the corner of our entrance wall, some part of the white texture had been chipped off - in the shape of a heart! Knocked off while shifting the sculptures? Chipped off by a mouse? We don't know! Seeing the surprise on my face and the wide smile on hers... everyone else was drawn to stop their business and look at the inconspicuous corner. All lenses remained focused on it until we had the impression permanently inscribed in our memories. I still smile at this metaphor to our labour of love.


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Bikramjit said...

Well the picture says it all :)

nice one



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