Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Death of an Artist

A loss of life in the family breaks all reins loose. Hue and tears all around. Then the mourning period. Ever wondered why we cry so much over death?

Do we cry because that person might now be in hell and suffering? ....or because he was so good that his departure leaves a vacuum in our own lives? Perhaps because he left some of our questions unanswered... Or because he left without letting us fulfill our dues. We wish the person should have lived some more... For whom? For himself or for the world? We mourn not for dead people, but for the loss their death causes to us... for we depended on them whilst they were alive... Because they were a source to our survival, faith, peace, happiness, our purpose. We never cry for the dead. We cry for ourselves - for those who have been left behind. Like an artist fears death of inspiration, like he mourns a creative block.

In sincerity, one would admit that the source of all creation lies beyond our limited self. It is a stream that flows like a divine gift.... like a tool provided to us to serve our purpose. It stays with us until we are working towards its destination. Creativity leaves an artist when its cause is over. Like the soul departs leaving a body dead.

And then the mourning saga begins.... not for what is gone, but for what's left.


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kavita parekh said...

so beautifully written !!!!!!!!!!!!! touche^


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