Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Famous Crows of J.J.School

Visited The Viewing Room at Walton Road, Colaba for an extended show in fiberglass works titled 'The Art of Fiberglass'. I must have been late dropping in for this 40-50day exhibit curated by Johny M.L. as many pieces titled on the wall were absent from the show till then. Perhaps investors or artists could not wait until the last date of the exhibit was over.

Manjunath Kamath's tiny elephant on RCC column was the high-point of the show. It reminded me of a sculpture created by my friend Aditya Sakharkar for his debut show at Pink Ginger Art Gallery earlier this year. Aditya's RCC column had a crow stuck-up in it.

The presence of crows is legendary in the works of many alumni of Sir J.J.School of Art. And there's little wonder why. Barely as you enter its sprawling landscape, you are welcomed by a chaotic chorus of crows. In the days I spent in this prestigious institution, callers on phone could tell I was on the campus simply by listening to the incessant crowing in the background. This was an infallible litmus test to those who knew.

Aditya Sakharkar with his urban crow

.Somnath Mane's fetish for crow installations and paintings

Crow series from the archives of Pradeep Shinde
(Aditya Birla Kalakiran Puraskar awardee, 2011)

If you have more images of crow artwork created by Sir J.J.School alumni, I'll be glad to publish them on this blog. Email the images with details to :


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