Sunday, November 13, 2011

East and West

Long time.... Yeah, really long.

In the meanwhile, there has been a lot of chaos in life. Critical health of a family member. Error of judgment with a long-term professional associate. Grave misgivings between dear ones. Missed opportunities. Demanding deadlines. Financial tussle. Tense times.

Installed the ShareKhan Ltd. mascot 'Sheru' at their swish Dadar (West) office at Ruby Towers amidst this turbulence. I love the final effect of the work - the photoshoot is to follow soon. Here's a short note of thanks to the visionary team of ShareKhan Ltd. for their co-operation through the project.

The sculptural installation commissioned by IIT Bombay for their 2011 Mood Indigo Festival is delayed due to some admin issues at the client's end. It is meant to be a large-scale interactive installation that combines sculpture and video, targeted at a young audience. Titled 'Experience the Wild', this installation adheres to this year's festive theme of 'Wild Wild West'. This is going to be another impossible challenge to fulfill in the month to come. This time-bound installation that requires 40days flat for creation is currently left with barely a month, and the timeline goes tightening hereon with each passing day. And there will be other commissioned projects competing for attention by the time the funds flow in late from IIT.

Looking at the trend of the past few months, I can only keeping my fingers crossed.


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