Thursday, July 14, 2011

My India Project

Just yesterday morning, I green-signalled a project our studio had been planning through the whole of June 2011 - A series of experimental artworks themed on contemporary India. It looked in appreciation towards India, viewed it from within and from outside, as a fast progressing nation. We planned to give this project an Independence Day release - to welcome our 65th year into freedom next month. But in a rude blow - to India as well our studio plans - serial bomb blasts shook the busy streets of Mumbai city by evening. Hundreds of them injured and several dead, still counting. Like every other Indian, my faith in the governance of this country lies lost. The enthusiasm... and optimism our team had while discussing those art concepts yesterday is lost too. I'm still convinced India is progressing, but not sure towards what. And finally, I decided to sweep aside our pet studio-project we'd worked so much upon, because I do not wish to create art that reflects negativity.

Now I'm seated at the studio, all alone. All appointments cancelled. The people I was scheduled to meet today are still to come to terms with yesterday's disaster. Can't pick up a newspaper - they're all filled with the same lame excuses for security failure. Only this time, they refuse to call it a failure at all. Perhaps our intelligence units are devised to perform higher tasks than to supervise threats to India.

Sitting here numb on the studio floor, pencil and paper in hand.... wondering if I should revive My India Project at all... Yes, that's one of the titles we'd thought of.... Mukti was another name befitting the theme of my proposed experimental art initiative. In a matter of only one day, every plan seems alien. The concepts are still ready, but the context looks vanished.



The Combatants said...

Hi Hemant..

Please have my view.

its indeed a Great Idea...

Focus on work & positive side of the coin.

I'm unaware of the project content / it would be premature to comment.
But suggestions do not cost..

so here are a few..
Infact... target 15 Aug as your deadline to showcase this project.

This 15 Aug will be different in many ways.. see how you can be part best way..

staying Back in Mumbai , connecting with Art fraternity.. You can express best on this Subject.

Think how big you may reach.. with some sensible inputs,

Some leading Media can be approached for support campaign.

have a forum or like minded group of people to be part of the project , identify a public place & let the project reach the masses
, ensuring with out of the box idea & excellent quality.

Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Thanks for your thoughtful vision, Kishor. Yes, indeed we could display the project publicly, get some media guys involved and give the idea of a positive India better exposure... You would have to guide me around this a little bit more. Because as far as I know, today's media is all bought up. You have to PAY them to get any little genuine cause printed. Only filmy gossips get publicized for free.

ArtsGloucester said...

Hemant, I am so very sorry for the bombing and your loss.

I remember 9/11 in NYC. After, our skies were silent and as we drove through other major state cities I felt like I had to keep my head tucked into my neck and get through quickly. I had been miles away from the attacks. It was so silent.

I was working on a major art project bringing together a coalition of artists, businesses, cultural and municipal leaders. We had all been working on building the group, our mutual goals and needs for months. The question was if we should continue and keep our meeting that night of 9/11. We decided we had to, a little more enlightened than how we felt the day before but that didn't mean we would stop being or making art.

My India Project will go on and you know and feel more than you did the days before.

I can post and do what I can. I did travel India on the east coast in April. I visited Latitude 28 Gallery in New Delhi, Gallery art motif and a few others. I loved India and the people. The artists I met were fantastic.

I will watch your project with great interest and hope.

Best to you and your good work Hemant.


Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Thanks, Jo... I kept busy the entire day, trying to come over what has happened.. and trying to see the fresh developments in India with courage. Haven't recovered fully as yet.. but will try to revive My India Project as the days pass by. Thanks for your kind words, they did help.


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