Saturday, June 25, 2011

PRAVAAT : from Teen Peher series

title       : PRAVAAT (The Storm, in Sanskrit)

medium :
FRP, Siporex, Various Metals


There are two typical reactions to this artwork. Some people notice the dropping figure, the tilting balance.... and others notice her hair, the butterflies, fresh foliage, the springtime.

This is the scene after a storm during Spring season. What will you choose to see? The storm in Spring... or the Spring in the storm?

the Stongest of all Winds.........
........cannot wither the Soul...


About Teen Peher.....
Teen Peher means TWILIGHT. A period that best symbolizes Transition -- between two glaring contrasts -- the Life & Light of the Day... and the Silence & Darkness of the Night.

Teen Peher series of sculptures represents all dead and alive elements of nature... caught amidst their own transitions in life.


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