Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bihar Diwas - Under Pressure

TITLE : Under Pressure

SIZE : height 9'.6"

MEDIUM : Pink Marble

International Artists' Sculpture Camp
organized by Rang-Vikalp
for Givernment of Bihar State (INDIA)
on occasion of Bihar Diwas 2011.


Pressure is often seen as negative energy. Something that presses us down.
I beg to differ.

In this sculpture, I have tried to depict Potential Energy,
like the Energy of a pressed spring.... Silent, Resilient, Ready to burst....
and when it bursts, it enables the spring to push objects heavier than itself.

Such Energies reside within every living being
We sway, deflect, compress and eventually expand....
to release Energies that push us towards our maximum potential.

Positive pressures of Motivation, Purpose and Definite Aim
direct a person's course of life.



Jennifer Tetlow said...

An impressive piece of work - I like the pressure statement - also of course the material (marble) came into being through tremendous pressure in the earth, and it came out beautifully too.

Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Thanks, Jennifer...

I was oblivious to the marble-factor in the making of this piece before you mentioned it. Thanks for your profound input!


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