Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Synergy of Art

We had no 'theme' declared for the 1st Pallava Symposium, Tamil Nadu, India. There were no presentation proposals sought... neither before nor during the flow of the event. Just a strong portfolio in Sculpture was enough to get you qualified for the event. The set-up was entirely experimental. Yet somehow as the creations started taking shape, most sculptors were seen working around a single resonant topic - Germination. That was a bit surprising... since none of us had really discussed plans for our sculptures with other participants.

So Demian Wust had an abstract seed planted in its womb, Stephen Pepin created a realistic representation of a sprout.... I have an abstract germinant, Urs Floryamo has created a pregnant lady in bronze... and DV Murugan had the growth of technology represented in his stone sculpture.

Stephen says, he has seen this same kind of synergy develop in the environment at most other symposiums that have not imposed a theme for artistic creations. Now I have seen it too... I'm a believer.


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