Saturday, February 26, 2011

Participation at International Sculpture Symposiums

There are several reasons that attract sculptors towards participation at International Symposiums. Here are some of them :

  1. International Symposia provide an opportunity for you to come out of the puddle and look at a larger world with new techniques, innovative styles and different tools than yours. It kind of takes you back through the history of time and evolution... how people in different parts of the globe developed their own mechanisms and tools to suit environmental challenges. I ..for example.. would have never discovered those beautiful Swiss chisels or the effortless Portuguese hammer but for such get-togethers!
  2. Various parts of the world have developed unique landscapes, due to effects of time and nature on that region typically experiences. So there's the huge hard sandstone in Egypt, the pristine white marble of India,  Granites of Russia, and soft stones of China... One gets to lay their hands on these different varieties. That breaks the monotony and brings some range to a stone sculptor's portfolio.
  3. Many of these sponsored symposiums require an entry-proposal that decides an artist's selection for the event. Typically, only 10-15 sculptors get finalized out of 400-450 entries per symposium. That compels artists to conceptualize and present their creative-best designs for every proposal... Regardless of whether one is selected or not, the exercise in itself churns the best out of each artist.
  4. Symposiums are a place where one gets to lay their hands on large-scaled monumental sculptures, without worrying where to stock them after they're done. More often at symposiums, artists get paid with honorariums and the sculptures are retained by the sponsors.
  5. Creations at such events are later installed at public spaces as permanent landmarks. A very good way to stay in popular memory... and to register in history.
  6. Organizers and Sponsors often arrange for huge marketing and media exposure. Artists benefit from the publicity made for the event.
  7. Exposure to new cultures and rituals broadens ones outlook towards life. Working and living together with such a broad spectrum of people from different backgrounds brings a lot of acceptance into ones mindset. Makes one a better person.
  8. Sight-seeing around the world is an added advantage. It's like being on an all-expenses paid world-trip.
    A paid vacation.
  9. And last but not the least... the whole world gets to enjoy your art.

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