Saturday, February 26, 2011

Artworks in a Series

My wife got alarmed the moment I sketched this design as my proposal for the Pallava Symposium 2011. It bears the same basics of my earlier sculpture titled 'Birth', in black Bhaislana marble. Aamrapali was worried I was repeating myself ...that I would get stereotyped. I know what she was talking about... but blame it on a creative block of some kind that I couldn't think of anything better other than progressing the Germinant series further. 

As the rock progressed, one could see reflections of many of my previous works in this one single stone... Bijankur, Birth, ThumbRule, then the Ambuja sculpture.... they're all right here. The central theory of these sculptures remains the same... A hard shell protecting a soft core within. May be decades later, people will group these works together and draw generalized conclusions from them. Though amusing to a point, it shakes up an artist's soul to realize that he indeed isn't daring to visualize beyond his comfort zone. Perhaps I needed to saturate this theme to a point where it'll anger me to think about it anymore. That's exactly what happened as this work came close to its finishing point. It saturated me. 

And all of a sudden there's a gush of fresh concepts flowing in the mind ... but hey, now its the 'tall slim sculpture' trail that the Ambuja Lady has left behind... seems like this trend will haunt me in the months to come....


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