Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creative Thinking Workshop : Quick Recap

That we visited Balgram SAMPARC Orphanage to conduct a seminar on 'Creative Thinking' is a pre-historic fact by now. While much is being said about what the kids and we learnt from each other, I wish to shed light on some ambitious plans for the future. The seminar was meant to guide children on career options in various creative fields. This past session held on 30 Nov 2010 was merely a general orientation for the series of workshops that's yet to follow. I plan to execute many such workshops in near future, each session focusing on one specific professional field.

Abhishek Sharma, Sarbari Ghosh Sharma and Hema Jog from my social network joined me and my wife Aamrapali as volunteers to Balgram (Malavli Village, near Lonavala). At the end of the day, we created a site-specific art-installation titled 'Samparc' (meaning Communication, in Hindi). It depicted man's connect with his inner void. The installation was sort of a conclusion... a practical demonstration of the creative thinking lessons we had just discussed with the kids.

Participants of the workshop were aged between 5yrs-65yrs and it turned out to be an engaging exercise for everyone involved... including us volunteers. Contrary to my boring documentation, the day was enjoyed by one and all. Trust me.

More images of the event at this link -


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