Saturday, October 30, 2010

When Art reaches out.... to Everyone.....

Our previous article was discussed by Shri Satish Naik and Ms.Sharmila Phadke - chief editors of the esteemed Chinha Art Mag blog. I take this occasion to share another recent experience that me and my husband Hemant Sonawane have had about Art and its relevance to masses. Like our artworks, you may read this letter too....

Dear Sharmila Tai & Satishji,

Heyyyy.... this is a surprise....thanks!!!! :-D
Thanks a lottt....

On this occasion, I feel like sharing one more episode with you. This May, when Hemant had his sculpture exbn at Jehangir... it was all new to me. I saw common people staring at works for long and then moving on to the next artwork. After a while, I got anxious. I began going to them and asking, "Would you like me to explain the works to you?"

You should have seen their faces light up! They wished to be a part of the visual treat but hesitated...felt scared to engage in a discussion... "What if the artist makes fun of us? What if we look like fools asking for explanations? What if the artwork is not what I understood from it? What iff....."

Being from engineering (pure technical field) myself, I could relate to their apprehensions. So I started our discussion with the line... "What YOU have experienced looking at this art, is the real Truth. The explanation I'm giving you now is only what the artist felt while creating this work. I'm only telling you the artist's vision". With this, people got eased out to talk more.

Since then, for the next 6 days.... we made it a point to open up to every observer who halted at an artwork for more than a minute. At the end of the exhibit, even with our hoarse voices, we were rich with experience. Common people have more depth than we could ever imagine.... they can not only relate to the art, but they also made us more humble and grateful because of the intellectual & emotional exchange. Hahaha... some interpretations from his fans were more beautiful than Hemant's own take on his pieces!

Hemant and I ended up being richer persons than before...

~ Aamrapali


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