Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Godrej Garden City - Golden Deer Installation

The last month was hectic, especially with all out-station projects crowding up with deadlines. We managed the impossible, though with suffered health at the end of those schedules. I've turned BLACK (or is that DARK BLUE.???) working 24x7 in the harsh Gujarat sun at 42 degree Celsius throughout for four days at a stretch. See if you can recognize me anymore....

This is a picture taken on the NID Campus, Ahmedabad where I'd been to meet my friend Rajesh Thakare in between lunch breaks. Seen along is NOT Rajesh, but Hemant Shinde from my team.

Regardless of our faces, the face of the project looks good. Here's the Golden Deer installation I completed right in front of the main office building of Godrej Garden City at Ahmedabad. It is a very lively installation with playful deer galloping their way through the garden. Given a choice, I would have liked to add another 5-6 deer to this installation to make it look complete. But this is a classic case of creative restriction often experienced in commissioned projects where the artist has to adhere to the agent's budget.

(night view)

Professional shots of the project are yet to come. These are just in-process pics that I'm releasing here. There was no time left to click any pictures once the installation was complete. I had to wrap up and return to Mumbai early for another projects in the pipeline.


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