Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ambuja Cement Foundation : Concrete Knowledge Center

This is another project you might enjoy. Though it is a Lady Figure in abstract, many have likened it to the swirl of softie ice-cream made popular by MacDonalds.

(Untitled Sculpture in White Concrete)

SIZE : 30" x 30" x 74"

CLIENTS : Jasubhai Media Group , Ambuja Cements Ltd.

this is a sculpture in White Glass Reinforced Concrete designed by me for the conference room of Concrete Knowledge Center located near Mumbai International Airport. The Center has been developed by AMBUJA FOUNDATIONS - an off-shoot of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.

It is a Lady Form in abstract, based on a rough concept expressed by the client. Though the actual sculpture consists of an exotic porous surface, my low-resolution camera was incapable of capturing that detail. Also, it was very late at night until we finished installation of the sculpture at site. There was no time left to take more pictures of the work leisurely. Will organize a professional photo-shoot soon, with the client's permission. I'm sure you'll relish those pictures better!

The project was co-ordinated by Jasubhai Media, publishers of the popular 'Indian Architect & Builder' magazine.


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