Friday, September 10, 2010

Ganesha.... sees Everything

Every year at the onset of Ganesh Chaturthi, I invariably spend some time either creating or decorating the elephant-headed Hindu God. This year, it was not about splashing colours with fellow-artists at Nirmal Lifestyles... but about helping a local Ganesh Mandal organize the stage-decoration at Andheri. One way or the other, Ganesha does make me devote a day of my calendar towards his prayer service -  I offer my Art to him unfailingly, every year. 

This year though, something disgraceful happened. The festival organizers initially approached trainees from my team directly to get the work done, quite blatantly trying to eliminate our annual STUDIO services from between. And a few fresh recruits agreed to meet the organizers thus, without holding a basic courtesy to intimate the STUDIO about their endeavour. The work returned to me eventually after it became amply evident that the job was too big for new recruits to cope up with. The organizers deserved to be rejected outright. I still touched and completed the work... only for Ganesha.

Such examples disgrace the atmosphere of deep trust and mutual respect ingrained in our studio-culture all these years. My team has been privy to every detail on clients and projects they work on... I do not hide. I do not curb their aspirations either, recommending my assistants to worthy projects at the start of their careers.

Yet this is not the first time our STUDIO has met with traitors. The situation gets ugly when  the very people you offer a slice of your daily-bread to, attempt to deprive you of the same bread. It is not a matter of foregoing ones ambitions for loyalty, it is about having dignity not to step on your mentor's grave to rise higher. Professional Ethics apart... this is more of Human Ethics ignored.

Ganesha...... sees Everything.


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