Sunday, August 8, 2010

ACC Ltd. - Thumb Rule

title : THUMB RULE

size : 4'.0" x 4'.0" x 14'.0"

client :
ACC Ltd.

this is the Corporate Identity Sculpture designed by me for India's cement production major - ACC Ltd. This composite sculpture is made using numerous materials and fabrication processes used in the Construction Industry. Brass, carved Rosewood, Aluminium, carved white Marble, black River Sand, Metal 1&2 (black stones used in construction), Mild Steel with Patina ....and especially.... RCC, used for the hand portion, was a difficult medium that refused to lend itself to sculpture.

Thumb Rule depicts ACC's newly adopted green philosophy and stands installed at CEMENT HOUSE, ACC's Mumbai headquarters building. It reinforces a fact that even as futuristic structures continue to be built, it is the solid hand of Cement and Concrete that lies at the foundation of all construction. This design was selected in 2009 by ACC Ltd. from amongst a multitude of competing entries.


Surabhi said...

excellent design. Precise meaningful and artistic.

Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Thanks for reading the post, Surabhi. How did you come across this blog?

~ Hemant


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