Monday, July 12, 2010

My chick & her Chicken Soup

I've been busy with the set-up of my new studio. Meanwhile my family has had enough reasons to celebrate. The 'Indian Women' chapter of the famous series 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' has a story by my wife in it. You'll find her by the name Aamrapali Bhogle ; the book was written in her maiden days. Published by WestLand, this book has featured on DNA's Bestsellers List in its inaugural month itself. In near future, Aamrapali will also feature in an interview on television network ETV, not for her literary skills but for a successful career in Interior Design.

This ....and more exciting news. I've been scouting for good locations of land to construct my ownership studio on. This weekend I might just finalize on one... Finally there seems to be some place on earth we can afford.

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TheKeyBunch said...

Congrats to your family Hemant...I guess I am a little late reading this and commenting on it...but I just got to your blog!:)...and would you like to be featured on The Keybunch? Please email me if you are game!



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