Friday, June 4, 2010

Mechanised Art

When we were younger, we had Drawing & Craft as subjects in school. Small projects like creating a scrap-book were so engaging.... one would wish these subjects could be majored in.... just as we choose an elective in the higher secondary!

But we never grow up, do we?

Today, when I look at several new-age artists' mechanised artworks, I can't help comparing them to the inter-school science projects we had back then. Those miniature windmills, boring wells, electric cities that ran on basic principles of science.... Creating 'Experimental Art' today allows us artists to re-live our childhood once again.... to Rewind Erase and Replay..... going back to majoring in Arts with science as a backdrop.

I have come across so many creative professionals from various streams..... Movie-making, Advertising, Literature & Poetry, Interior Design, Story & Script writers, Stage Actors, Choreographers, Singers & Musicians..... and most of them have left some stereotypical academic field to join Arts. The creative world has plenty of engineering drop-outs and ex management-pros.... and yet they leave their steady 5 figured salaries in temptation for an insecure journey that promises to satisfy their creative yearnings.

So why then does our Indian Education System not embed Visual & Performing Arts into essential academics right from the beginning? Why are these subjects officially dropped out from the 8th grade onwards to concentrate on "serious studies"? Why not bring Arts to the mainstream just as we regard Engineering, Commerce & Medics....?

The above video enlists artist Sunil Gawde's experimental and mechanised works from various international Biennials. Yet another brilliant child enjoying his days once again.....


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