Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon

Something nice happens... and we gaze into the sky and smile.

And then there are those moments
when we look up and the sky is smiling at us....

I experienced one such day on 1st December 2008, when my struggle with the final semester term-work of B.F.A. (Sculpture) had just begun at Sir J.J. School of Art. As we were blocking our rocks and logs, terrorist Ajmal Kasab rested relishing his Biryanis in the adjacent jail. We shared an L.O.C of just one compound wall between our college and the police residential quarters.

The legal proceedings of Kasab's case were on in those days... it had been a mere one week since his disastrous entry to India. And constant noise of our sculpture hammers would interrupt the already snail-paced interrogation. So the police would stop our term work and we would hesitatingly oblige... under the hope that given a healthy environment, at least our legal system would deliver its assignments in time. Perhaps we were being over-optimistic, like a billion other Indians.

On December 1, 2008... I entered our college premises at 4 pm to check if they were giving Kasab a day off so that we students could progress a bit with our delayed termwork. We were told to wait till late. Most of my classmates were working on small artworks in either wood or soft-stone...but mine was a 40" huge hard rock that refused to lend itself to sculpture. I had already broken a few diamond-edged blades the earlier day while trying to cut through it. Completing my assignment with this rock in a matter of 2 months was going to be next to impossible, and I knew this very well.

So as my classmates left the campus one-by-one...I waited patiently till the police timelines got over and then hammered through the night. Just as my day's work was about to get over, I got a call from friend Aamrapali (now, my wife). She asked me to look up into the sky... and LoL! the heavens were smiling upon me!

Today, I look at this picture Aamrapali had clicked that day from her home window.
And I gaze up at the sky..... My stars are really smiling :)


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