Friday, June 25, 2010

Chembur-Nilesh Plus.... ;-D

It feels so much at home once you cross that turn from Turbhe to enter Chembur! The familiar sights of Kamat's Maharaja Restaurant and R.K. Studios bring back fond memories.

I have a friend, artist Nilesh Vede who also lives in Chembur.... the most pro-active guy in our group that includes artists Manoj Maurya and Rakesh Pattnaik. He's the one who brought in so many group-show opportunities to us in the initial days of our careers. Chembur, that's known to be home to numerous such creative people, surprisingly hosts no leading Art Gallery of its own.

'Nil Vede', as he's popularly known in Art circles, may be a name familiar to you as Salman Khan's teacher. He's the hugely talented guy who Indian movie actor Salman Khan picked to learn his painting strokes from.

Nilesh and I have a long association. We met while performing live painting exhibits at '
Out of the Blue' restaurant at Union Park, Khar. From thereon, we've done several exhibitions together including our first public show at Nehru Center Art Gallery in year 2006 with film director Manoj Maurya . And there's a whole list of joint shows that followed after that... One of them is scheduled at The Museum Art Gallery, KalaGhoda in May 2011.

Nilesh is popular for his beautifully depicted Gods, Godmen & Avataars. It's always a pleasure exhibiting with an artist like him who is confident of his own work and doesn't resort to field politics.
Healthy professional camaraderie is rare nowadays.... so are friends like these.

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