Thursday, June 3, 2010

All Rights Reserved**

A week since my exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery passed successfully, a friend and I spent some time strolling along the street market at Bandra Linking Road. We were chatting about the necessity of getting ones art copyrighted.

It seems copyrighting doesn't really cost too much, but the process comes with its own share of loopholes. For example, it may prevent another person from creating an exact replica of your work but you cannot object if he has made a few changes in the original design or concept.... however heavily he might have borrowed from your idea.
So it seemed futile to me that any of my works from the recent 'Figment of Truth' series should be reserved through copyright.

The best copyright, in my opinion, is Public Recognition.

Look at the works of a great maestro M.F.Hussain, for example.... His works get sold for an average price of INR 3 crores per piece. Now, art that is valued so highly is what really needs to be secured. But I doubt if Mr.Hussain even bothers to get any of his works copyrighted. Reason - Public Recognition. Thousands of people across the globe recognize his unique style and his cult line of works, and anybody who attempts to copy them will automatically make a fool of himself.

I believe.... our young generation of artists has something to learn from this example.


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Paddy said...

I totally agree with you sir. But what I do feel is if Emerging artists dont take a copy right for themselves then it will end up in BIG Players copying the art work as it is (or atleast lifting the idea) and making millions of bucks. People like MF dont need a copy right coz he has become a Brand in himself,his works are unique. People make there own versions of Ravi Varma's Paintings as well. Had Ravi Varma been alive, he would have cared little or cared not at all about it. But if we consider a sculpturor's case, its his IDEA which is bigger than the final work. What if some big player lifts it? He will end up making millions of somebody else's Brain. Not many would believe the actual sculpturor's claim of originality....
However this is just my personal opinion and I acknowledge that I dont know much


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