Friday, June 4, 2010

The 'Abundant' Artist

We speak about fearlessness of an artist.
The courageous have taken risks, stayed on... and succeeded.

Yes, it takes courage to risk a million laughs when you exhibit your Art to the world.
To many, this bravery is restricted to Art alone.

I have still to meet enough artists who have the strength to stand up and command value for their works... in society and at home. After all, a career in visual arts can be as respectable and rewarding as that in any other field. Then why do artists keep making an excuse of their professional stream? From any perspective, such a loser attitude spells disrespect for Art!

The other day I came across a thread on social network
LinkedIn, where the author of that discussion (an Art magazine representative) wished to interview an 'Abundant Artist'. Poor struggling artists, kindly excuse. You'd be amazed to read the follow-up comments. There were responses ranging from "My Art makes me rich by soul", "Are you making fun of us?" to "If you give me this interview opportunity, I could become rich".

Plain hilarious.

On networking sites, we find artists networking with other artists. Go through anyone's list. And you'd rarely find an artist networked to a corporate CEO or their PR Dept. You wont find a wealthy businessman on any artist's list.... while these are the direct prospective clients who're likely to buy your Art.
It's not about other people adding us, I'm talking about artists not taking an initiative to approach prospective buyers of their art.

Yes, we do not take enough risks on our ego to PROMOTE our Art.
Our courage ends at creating it.

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