Sunday, March 14, 2010

Art. Period.

Let's admit it. We all love to watch fashion shows....... models sashaying on the ramp in clothes unwearable to most of us. Yes of course, these presentations look stunning.... the designs may be inspiring, breath-taking. But what next? It's not uncommon to wonder what they'd be doing with the products once the show is over. After all.... it's non-usable, hence non-saleable... and trash! Why would one want to waste their money showcasing products like these...! I've been asked often by curious relatives about what I do for a living after showcasing my creations in exhibits :) . Art....

Creativity for sake of creativity
..... not specifically made with sales on mind. It is only a pure expression and the beauty of it that matters. Self-satisfaction of creating the work and also acknowledgment, acceptance... make up for the loss of money, if any.

Art need not necessarily have utility ;
its beauty need not beautify a space.
the work holds a stand-alone value in itself.

It is this fearlessness that makes a pure artist.
He's not afraid to experiment.

Not afraid of public rejection, unfair judgments, critics or prejudices.

Yet 'Public Art' is making a huge comeback today.

The masses have become Art-conscious.
Nowadays, they're aware.
They want to participate and interact with your work.

The least they ask.... is to make it tangibly understandable.
What's Art if it doesn't touch the senses.... if it doesn't communicate or reach out.....

So while I contemplated on themes for my first sculpture exhibit, (coming up at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from May 23-29, 2010), I had a wide array of routes to choose from. Let me start from the basics, I thought. Experimenting with figuratives before going Avant-garde.

Art is a perpetual learning journey....just like Life.
No matter how much you've experimented,
you still haven't explored enough.

My journey has just begun.



Lydia said...

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Hemant Sonawane's Studio said...

Hi Lydia, me too enjoyed the funny pictures at your blog... :) though I really hoped to see some architectural snaps after I read the 'architecture' 'travel' and 'journalism' tags on your blogger profile !! Thanks for your reference website too... I'll go through the link very soon.

~ Hemant


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