Monday, March 1, 2010

about One Waghya ......and many Hemants

While I was searching for pictures of my Filmistan mural, I came across so many hand-painted posters of Mr.Bachchan put up on the internet. I particularly empathize with these two. One of these murals is supposedly located at Bandra - a very lively suburban zone in Mumbai city. This pose of Indian actor and superstar Amitabh Bachchan from his movie 'Deewar' is the same as what I'd painted at Filmistan years ago. Ironically.... 'Deewar' too translates as 'The Wall' in Hindi language.

I'm documenting these pictures here just so that if at some day in the future, any of these artists wake up to search for a copy of their work, they wont have to go back disappointed.

And while we're still talking of Filmistan, let me introduce you to a special buddy of mine who I missed mentioning that day.

Art Director Nilesh Wagh.

My classmate from Applied Art College, he was also beginning his career assisting several Art Directors from reputed movie-production houses in those days. It is he who fetched me the Filmistan mural work.....and many such other projects through recommendation. Had it not been for his intervention, survival in big Mumbai city would have been difficult through my student years.

I take this opportunity to thank
"Waghya" for his friendship.

This photograph above has me and Nilesh Wagh together as he visited the Annual Sculpture Exhibit at Sir J.J.School of Art in February 2009. Also seen in the picture, is my award-winning sculpture 'Birth' in black Bhaislana marble.


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