Thursday, February 11, 2010

the MahaKumbh-Mela of Art

The KalaGhoda Fest is an art-lover's delight, always. And year 2010 is no exception. Realistic animal sculptures - especially the elephants, set at the very entrance of the fair are awesome, to say the least. This is one destination where Anyone - even remotely related to Art , can hope to find his long-lost kins, friends and colleagues... all together at the same spot.

Amidst a sea of creative works, I couldn't help spotting this particular Crow-Art.... and didn't need more clues to guess that it must be the effort of my friend, Somnath Mane . He has been working on almost a series of artworks involving 'Crows' as his central theme. Yet it takes courage to put up your art upfront to an audience of millions that visits the fest every year.

Almost every artwork this year is tagged with an environmental conservation message.

My friends..... Aditya Sakharkar, Pranav Dubey, Sushant Pohekar & Rohan Panchal assembled an installation that speaks on the hazards of plastic usage. They literally wrapped themselves up in plastic (signifying how our lives are engulfed with usage of non-bio-degradable materials) and they moved around the fest greeting people with a plastic rose, to convey their message.

Just as I landed onto their zone, some media representative was requesting this group to telecast their entire day's routine live on television.

Here I was...... ;-) right in front of a stall with an 'anti-plastic' message..... eager to cheer my friends who've started this movement..... and standing there smiling cheesily, holding a plastic carry-bag myself.

This must be the first time that I ever got so conscious about using anything plastic.


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