Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have you seen my website yet?

It was a bit difficult conceptualizing this website. I wanted to have all the gloss of today's glamourous Art-world. Plus the depth and dignity of Art itself. To add to it, my budget was extremely conservative.

Nevertheless.... If the mountain cannot move to Mohammed, Mohammed comes to the mountain...they say. So God sent me two angels in the form of website developer Shardul Mohite and visual designer Nayan Deshmukh. Both these young men did their jobs on free-lance basis in those days.

Almost a year since then, today they successfully run a company of their own called, 'Webonise Lab'. It is based in Pune city, India.

Do take time out to visit my website..... and if you like what you see, bless Shardul and Nayan who completed the project patiently and painstakingly through their initial start-up struggle.


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