Friday, December 4, 2009

Juhu Beach - the new Design Hangout

After having spent a lifetime of creative design sessions in these places...I'm now bugged of CCD (Cafe Coffee Day outlets).... and the food-court section of malls. I have a new favourite workspace - the Juhu beach. Not just that it is quite close to my on-going site, the famous 'Juhu beach' of Mumbai provides an uninhabited environment for fresh ideas.

And no.... I don't want to mention the claustrophobic crowds.
Let's not get into details here :)

I don't feel like complaining about the crowds because the whole of Mumbai city is over-populated in general. Besides, it is this very same crowd of anonymous people that throws a familiar face onto us every now and then....Like a couple of days back, as I sat planning my upcoming Jehangir Gallery exhibit design sketches along with a acquaintance, Reshma (who lives in another state of India - Gujarat) walked towards us. It was least expected that she could be seen in this part of the country at this occasion and hour. She, along with her husband had been touring Mumbai since a few days....and we noticed each other amidst that maddening crowd so surprisingly.

It's funny how all our lives are so inter-linked. A purpose or some past debt seems to get fulfilled every time we encounter such coincidences.


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