Sunday, November 1, 2009

Le Sutra

Okay, let me experience how it feels to blog on proxy. I'm not the one typing it this time. It's a close friend and associate I could also call my 'second mind'.

I'm farther away.... working on the interior design and aesthetics of India's first Art Hotel, 'Le Sutra'. Definitely interesting. Each of the rooms has been given a unique theme based on various traditional art-forms in India. The ambience promises to infuse romance with art.

Creating the artworks hasn't been so romantic though. Foremost, we did not have a model to replicate a kathak dancer's feet mudras for the sculptures. Visualization became a task. Second to that, the fresher architects working on the project handed over design-dimensions to us by a whole week's delay. The delay weakened the morale of an art-team that's already weary working in three-shifts throughout the major Diwali festival, away from their homes and families. Thirdly, deadlines are nearing. And while we still struggled to keep up with the schedules in spite of these teething troubles....there went the fiber-glass caster goofing up with a mould that could have produced elemental pieces of the design. The schedule gets delayed yet again.

In the midst of all this, my heart goes out to the owner of the hotel who has been very kind to the novice architects and artists employed for this project. Hope the final creation lives up to his imaginations.

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