Friday, November 13, 2009

November Haze

Life appears in a haze. Even when everything is going our way, we tend to look more at what we lack in life rather than the beauty n abundance of what we do have.

When we are done accomplishing WHAT we wanted, we begin cribbing that it is not HOW we had wanted it.... to an extent that we almost leave the gem that we struggled so much to achieve.

Look at the beautiful mist around us....that we longed for so much all through the unbearable October heat. But when it did shower in November.... we complained of having to carry our umbrellas..... that the road is now so hazy at morn....

Look at the way my life is shaping up like a dream..... I now have all the prestigious projects that I longed to be a part of.... all lined up in a row..... fetching me so much attention and great career prospects.... and also the money to prepare for next year's artworks and exhibits. I have a family of simple people who care for me so much..... and a promising sign that my future's gonna be beautiful all the way.... Yet I'm on the verge to leave this all.... the work, the prospects, the companionship.....

.....All for a single stroke of whim that says,
"but it didn't happen the way I wanted it to...."


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