Sunday, November 8, 2009

LSR (Applied Art - 2004) Alumni Group on Facebook

Thanks to classmate Kruti Dalvi, we now have our own L.S.Raheja School of Art Alumni Group on Facebook - Applied Art, Batch of 2004.

This is the only picture where our entire class had assembled to get our final memoir clicked.... on the laaaaast day of our Final Exams. Though I strived to maintain mutual network within my peer-group for a long time after the college term was over.... quite a few of them seemed disinterested in pursuing old relations. Though they were all always good to me.... yet there was this certain stiffness in the air that one could feel when the topic of re-unions or meet-ups cropped up.

Quite understandable. A career in Arts hardly has a mediocre category. Those who click well, shoot up to to wealth, stardom and a well-settled life. Those who don't - could be seen struggling forever at the wrong end of the ladder. And the settled ones wouldn't want to keep acquaintance with the unsuccessful ones.

At such moments, one wonders whereto all the camaraderie and emotional attachment of four long years evaporated. All the innocence and closeness is lost to the materiality of 'practical' life. It's only now that the fad of social networking sites has caught up, that everyone suddenly wants to have the maximum number of 'friends' in their network.

Not everyone will accept this fact. They may quote some other 'reasons' why they chose to keep off from the group after they left college. And we are no-one to judge....'coz they had all been very very nice to me at least. I must say, I have been lucky.

P.S. You can see me to the lower left.... behind the girl wearing yellow-black striped T-shirt.

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