Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Art of Screenplay : old Hindi movie 'GUIDE'

This is my favourite scene from my most favourite Indian movie of all times - Guide. In more ways than one, I identify myself with the protagonist, Raju, played by legendary actor Dev Anand. Raju is a small-time tourist-guide living an anonymous life... until he almost becomes a hero by rescuing a young girl who's forcibly wed to an old millionaire. Raju is a man not limited by social inhibitions or cultural prejudices. He loves the girl unconditionally and shelters her for long. One fine day, her husband arrives at Raju's doorstep to clear unfinished legal matters. Fearing that his lady may feel obliged to return to her old life once again.... Raju doesn't let the man meet her.... instead, forging her signatures on the unread documents. Incidentally, those happen to be financial papers....and when the forgery is discovered, Raju is arrested for fraudulence. Amongst others, even his lady love testifies against him in the Court of Law. However, what really hurts Raju towards the end....is when his lady questions him why he had to commit a forgery for money...that he could have asked her for the money instead.... Raju replies in disbelief, "I had a faith that there would be at least one person in the world who wouldn't misunderstand me ....and I thought that person would be You"

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