Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are 'UNTITLED' paintings an Escapist Route?

World Art Critics is an art-networking group on Facebook, that I'm a member to. I recommend you all to follow this group if you have a profile on Facebook. The Founder & Moderator of WAC, Ashis Pahi put up a very interesting discussion topic on the forum yesterday.

He asked, "Are UNTITLED paintings a thing of escapists?"

Daunting question, isn't it? Yet to the best of my knowledge, this perpetual question has been put up through centuries....only by the observers, and not artists.

We live in a world where we are taught to live by paradigms. We 'label' almost everything in life....from objects to thoughts to relationships. Because labeling helps us DEFINE the nature of things. And when we define things, we set boundaries for it....And the knowledge that something is 'bound' makes us feel secure that nothing UNEXPECTED will follow.

It is a natural human instinct to want to know everything in advance, even before experiencing it...just like we would all like to know what Destiny has in store for us. People who feel that Art should be titled, have THIS compelling urge to KNOW the Artwork BEFORE 'experiencing' it. Else, what other purpose do titles serve except for indexing?

On the contrary, Art enables us to CROSS those definitive LIMITS and BOUNDARIES of perspective, and to express our relation with something that words fall short for. If I really wanted to express it in words, I would rather attempt to write poetry...or maybe a text of prose, isn't it .....Why would I Paint..?

(seen above, is an UNTITLED work of mine exhibited recently at the Art Route show at Prriya & Chntan's Gallery, Mumbai)



Dear Hemant, no one can limit any feeling,expression or creating with simple title. title is just a symbolic expression. its just like the head line of the main story. so one has to feel through the art. but what is wrong if we give a title? its artists point of view.we all artists should not feel shy to express our point of view.we should be clear what we want to express.

Hope you understand my point. writing story ,wring poems, making film, doing a painting or sculptures , all are different mediums of expression. in all these things we try to express something. so if all other expressions have title why not painting and sculptures? event the writer after writing everything he/she gives a title.title is nothing but telling the whole feeling,mood,expression,story in short. and thats the artist's own pont of view. others may interpreat the same art differently. but we artists should tell very boldly what is our point of view.

My Blog - 'TOUCH' said...

Thanks for your valuable comment, Vastu Artist :). You'd be glad to know that most of my artworks DO have titles.

What I have written here is that one should not insist that if an artist doesn't feel like giving a title to his artwork, he is trying to take an escapist route.

~ Hemant


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