Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When I began with Acrylics.....

You may wonder why I'm so stuck to blogging on Interior Design these days.

As my Unity Series of Sculptures got sold off in a single go, this monsoon at the DEEDS Exhibition, my mind goes back to where the journey started from. Seen above is my very first brush with Acrylics. This was the project that started my tryst with NORTH LIGHT Architecture for the first time, around 5.5 years back. In an Indian type seating, we wanted the background to look as traditional as the rest of the decor.

I painted the roller blinds at the back with a 3D perspective view of an old palace. Also, the furniture doors (top and base of the pic) were painted in miniature style motifs. The NORTH LIGHT Team went into a tizzy last week when I revealed to them that I had, in fact, experimented with Acrylics for the first time on their project.

Thank God, Murphy's Law has exceptions too !!!

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