Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mumbai Apartment in Pristine White n Blue

We all guess this looks like a printout...
It isn't !!!

We bought a poster from the roadside market in Mumbai, and liked it for a project we were designing at that time. So what you see above, is the horse mural I painted on a huge oval column at a plush Mumbai home. That was four years back. The column served as a partition between the Living Room and the Dining Hall.

Seen below are my photographs while spraying it with melamyne. However, since the client shifted to their premises imm
ediately after our project completion, (they were in a hurry)....we couldn't gather time to take any final pictures of the house.

The home looked so perfect, we could have made business out of selling its interior pictures alone.

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Shona said...

Thanks for sharing these pics....this!!


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