Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kitchen Interiors of a Mumbai Suburban Home

This was an interesting project, completed in August last year. The walls were entirely coated with Silica Texture comprising marble crush. The texture soaked and absorbed all paint inside as soon as the brush touched the surface. A piece of artwork that I'd estimated to be perfected in a jiffy, took over a week for completion.

This one must have drunk gallons of my material, before the picture could actually appear on the surface. God damn the day I quoted for it....yet the results were so breathtaking, the satisfaction more or less paid up for the losses.

The Open Kitchen that boasts of this mural, can be seen from the main entrance of the house and the living room as well. The picture warms up any visitor at the very first look. If you notice, the lighting has been appropriately done, such that it seems like natural rays of Sun peeping out of the tree-branches. What an experience it was !! The proud owners of this villa keep thanking our Creative Team till date.

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