Saturday, August 8, 2009

DEEDS Monsoon Art Exhibit - 'Have a Heart series - Chapter V'

Had my Unity Series of sculptures exhibited for the first time through this show. The charity event was curated by Mrs.Radha Bajaj and sponsored by DEEDS, an NGO that works towards the betterment of hearing impaired. It was a group show of almost 65 artworks put together in harmony, well marketed and publicised by its authorities.

Titled, DEEDS Monsoon Art Exhibit - 'Have a Heart series - Chapter V', the event boasted of Ms.Sharayu Doshi (former Hon. Director -National Gallery of Modern Art , Mumbai) and Ms.Anjali Sen (former Hon. Director -National Gallery of Modern Art , New Delhi) as its Guests of Honour.

Mr.Salman Khan, Indian movie actor and superstar, inaugurated the show with much fanfare. His fans awaited his arrival since morning, not budging from their seats even for food or to ease out...till the inauguration time at 5:00pm, lest they should miss a close-up look of Salman. Salman arrived with his mother at the venue, Kemps Boulevard (Kemps Corner), 45minutes before the inauguration time....a very rare instance of a celebrity being punctual.
Having celebrities associated with a cause helps it gain much larger attention than without them....both in the media as well as amongst the common public. We hardly had any time to click any photographs amidst the media and fan frenzy. Hardly able to wrestle ourselves out of the crowd to gain sanity, I'm putting up pictures posted at another popular portal, for reference.

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