Monday, July 13, 2009

Female Anopheles Mosquito

This is what the damned creature must've looked like. Yes, the one that bit me earlier last month, that gave me two insane bouts of Malaria and a liver swell and a fever raised to 106deg Farenheit.
Now on the path of recovery, I'm amazed at finding out what really went over me through the last whole month. And the networld seems to be ready to bombard me with info on the little monster.
The first shock that I came across was the discovery that Malaria germs spread through the liver. Obviously though I'm a teetotaller, my liver was swollen all this while...that's no surprise. But was it a quack doctor on the hospital rolls that asked me "Your reports say the liver's swollen...How come? Do you drink??" No, this was not a joke....neither was the one that the doctor made.

While we're still on the topic of Malaria, let's take a look at this one. The Indian dress you see below is presumably 'inspired' by the female anopheles mosquito, official carrier of the disease in question. It features on a prominent web writeup on the insect...and this picture is placed right in the center of the cover story. This is not an advertisement.
Suddenly, the world around me seems to be all mosquitoes.... There are songs and films on the topic. How would Indian movies and audiences survive without this regular feed of insanity....
Surfed the net and found several global sculptures dedicated to my enemy..!!! Here are a few samples of the same -

Meanwhile, there's relief in the heart at a single thought -
That atleast the mosquito that stung was a female, to boost my ego.

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Shona said...

LOL.....enjoyed this research and analogy a lot!


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