Monday, April 20, 2009

Fine Art & Sports

Being an artist or a sportsman isn't easy, they say.
It takes long years to get your talent noticed. Honestly, saying that these careers are any more difficult than others would be like saying, "Our rocks are harder". It isn't that way by default. Many a times, the number exhibitions that ought to be held in a couple of years, get spread across an entire decade for want of money. So logically, the recognition too... that's due within those couple of years, comes a decade later.
Fine Arts or sports are generally not coveted as professions, since these are activities that the society associates with pastimes... or hobbies. People turn to these careers mostly when they find other fields too heavy to pursue.... either intellectually or financially. Or else it is the reverse case that holds good. Those who have so much inherited wealth that they do not need to worry about earning, turn to Arts or Sports as a means to fulfill their creative streak in the form of a career.
I've hardly ever come across an artist who is intellectual enough to pursue engineering, wealthy just enough to pay management education fees, needy enough to have to work for a living, bears a family background to guide him to more sophisticated fields..... and yet has joined Fine Arts for the love of it.

In my case in particular, I lacked two factors ---- guidance and money. Thank God for that.

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