Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Image

I'm world-famous in my college. It might be for all the wrong reasons that conceal an illustrious profile in academics. Nevertheless, a bad name is a bad name.
You'd be amazed to know...... I was never a part of student politics. Nor have I ever been into fisticuffs with anyone. I do not smoke, I do not drink liquor, I do not do drugs. Have been great help in studies and career to all my peers. And have treated all people equally with respect.... be it the school peon or my college dean. Yet today, it is quite unlikely that you would find anyone not frowning at the sound of my name.
Maybe.... I gave everyone what was the highest good, but not what they would have liked to see coming.
Clearly, I wasn't born with that innate talent for 'Marketing'. And then, I happened to be amongst that crowd of people who cannot accept being digged at. It is all about creating one's self-image in our tender years....when confused about our position, we start believing the labels stuck upon us by the world.
Most of the times it is really difficult to adjudge in a situation about which party is the victim and which one, the victimiser. We leave it to the parties themselves to accept their roles. Maybe I went wrong when in a bout of confusion.....I accepted the title of being the erring party. And the title stuck large for a long long time to come.
Looking back at my life and my past.... there is nothing deemed unlawful, unethical or immoral that I've done. Yet for all these years, I kept paying maintenance charges for the freebie 'bad-guy' tag that I accepted someday with my default maverick instincts.


Shona said...

There is a saying :

"Letting go has never been easy, but holding on can be as difficult. Yet strength is measured not by holding on, but by letting go."
~ Len Santos Hemant let go!!...its more important who u r today n how u see urself becoz ur inner vibrations creates ur environment.

You have all good wishes from ur fans and ...JUST move on!!!



A nice person keeps silent because he thinks it's a waste of time to argue with ill-wishers...they're not going to be good anyways, so why get disturbed, why spoil our own harmony? But this silence is often misinterpreted, and taken disadvantage of.

After years of keeping patience, we realize that we should have spoken upfront at the very first attempt when someone dared to pass a false judgment about us. These are lessons learnt from life.


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