Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birth of a STAR

Speaking of the latest award won last week, I feel like sharing yet another jubilant moment with you. Clicked some 13 odd years ago, you can see in this picture, the famous Shivsena activist, Mr.Subhash Desai felicitating me for a larger-than-life painting of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that I created for the political party's meet at Jalgaon. It was the first award I ever received in appreciation of my work.

The party's office approached me with an impromptu offer to paint a 6 feet tall portrait of their idol - the Maratha warrior king Shivajirao Bhosle. The challenge was to complete this task in a single day's time. The award... a monetary sum that would have sent any village teenager dizzy, in those times. I agreed and delivered. With perfection.

The resultant giant portait was difficult to distinguish from a printed photograph. It looked so real, that Mr.Desai, who presided over the meeting summoned me to the venue and honoured me thus, so unexpectedly. He gave me his business card and asked me to contact him anytime I aspire to start a career in Mumbai city. I still have the card preserved like a memorabilia, I never used it.
Look at this picture carefully.... you'll see that I did not even know how one should react when suddenly all cameras focused their glares at me. I felt like a celebrity. I felt like a star. For a lanky teenager, it meant a lot.

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workhard said...

Hi, that is awesome, i am an amateur artist, maybe u can give me some tips..
U look very calm in the picture though.



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