Saturday, March 14, 2009


Major International Art Fairs, Auctions and Exhibitions that are known to set new higher milestones each year in India are traditionally held in the first half of the year. They have all got re-scheduled to the year-end of 2009 in a hope to achieve better sales, advantage the Indian festive season.
When a journalist recently asked for artist Bose Krishnamachari's views on how the on-going global recession has affected the Indian Art World, he commented that An artist's life is in a state of permanent recession until he is credited for his due share of recognition. So true.
One cannot really expect reactions from the art world to what the rest of the globe believes to be a novel temporary phenomenon. I am facing my own The University examinations and termwork submission period will extend for another 45days.... and till then, there's no scope to find any monetary respite from anywhere.
For once..... there's no time for Art.

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