Monday, February 23, 2009

Environment and Peace (Nature Series)

Title : Environment and Peace

Artist's Note : An innate human tendency is to relate to any object by its individual colour and shape. This habit of distinction causes prejudices and partiality. Segregation causes Conflict, and Conflict hinders Peace. Nature does no such categorization like humans.

This painting titled 'Environment & Peace', uses a palette from nature…. an amalgamation of colours and forms that are difficult to separate from one another even while they retain their characteristic presence, thus symbolizing natural Harmony....and Peace.

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 84” x 60”
Price : contact Tao Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai
Prices indicated for artworks available at the artist's studio, do not cover packaging, shipping, insurance or custom clearance costs. For artworks at sale at other places, kindly contact respective galleries for individual terms of purchase.

1 comment:

workhard said...

Thats a nice theme:), im thinking of working on something like violence, maybe women and violence.
Any tips, i work with oils

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