Sunday, February 22, 2009

BIRTH of a Winner

Our sculpture has won the Bronze at Sir J.J.School of Art's Annual Exhibition. Congrat's.

You and me have been discussing it ever since it was a raw block of Black Bhaislana Marble sliced from the quarries of Rajasthan in India. We saw its conceptualization, evolution, its finesse.... and Now, finally we have had the previlege to see it win its First Award. You have lived the two sleepless months with me all along... and that is why I choose to call it OUR is yours as good as mine.

Let us get deep into the concept of this piece at first........

..........Our sculpture is titled, 'BIRTH'.

Cracking the hard shield around it, a tender life begins its new journey.
Birth is not creation....It is merely an old essence manifesting itself into a new form.
Just like a soft seed cracks the hard soil in an attempt to sprout...
just like a feeble chick emerges out from its egg-shell....
Every foetus struggles to break a barrier in its quest for survival,
in its quest for Birth.

I received a lot of reviews for this abstract sculpture. Though the possibilities of interpretation are infinite, here are some really beautiful analogies and reactions I received from an audience of avid art enthusiasts. Most of them tried in some way or the other to search for some figurative form in the seen creation.
Some found it similar to a macro form of the human birth process.... Some others could see an evolution of planet earth in it.... Yet some others likened it to an egg yolk surrounded by its protective shell. Though as an artist, I never intended to reach any pre-existing outlines during the creation of this piece, the curious reactions were nevertheless a worthy input to my original conceptualization.
Congratulations Again.

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