Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 'Matrimonial Special' snap

Family comes first. Parents and siblings. We cherish these entities that have stood by us for the first 1/3rd of our lives. It's not as if the other part of the world beyond our blood-relations is deceptive all the way.
Yet there's something about our past that bears testimonial to a fact that we stand broader chances of survival with our immediate blood relatives..... relativity notwithstanding. The security of living with the known devil is much more than the will to take a risk on other promising temptations. Life moves on.......

This is MY past 1/3rd that governs a large part of the coming 2/3rds......

Seen in the picture are me and my younger sis sandwiching our mom in between. The snap dates back to a day around a decade back perhaps. Captured at our old home, it is one of those rare photographs that my mother would probably shoot off to impress prospective in-laws, as and when I do consent to get married. She finds me a dude in this.... so what if that's a face I wear no more.

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