Thursday, January 8, 2009

Books on Sculpture

Name : The Materials and Methods of Sculpture
Author : Jack C. Rich
Publisher : Dover Publications (1988, 512 pages)
Price : $16.95
Review : Highly Recommended

Name : Creating Welded Sculpture
Author : Nathan Cabot Hale
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications (208 pages)
Price : $16.95
Description : Profusely illustrated guide, newly revised, offers detailed coverage of basic tools and techniques of welded sculpture. Abstract shapes, modeling solid figures, arc welding, large-scale welding, more. 196 illustrations.

Name : Making Woodcuts and Wood Engravings: Lessons by a Modern Master
Author : Hans Alexander Mueller
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications (112 pages)
Price : $12.95
Description : In this indispensable guide to creating woodcut masterpieces, Mueller explains his philosophy and techniques for creating art from the simplest materials. Readers learn about the tools of the trade, how to make plank woodcut and end-grain engravings, and how to use the medium to express themselves artistically. 98 illustrations, most of them in color.

Name : Sculpture in Wood
Author : Jack C. Rich
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications (176 pages)
Price : $9.95
Description : Down-to-earth, practical book by noted sculptor covers everything you need to know — woods, tools, equipment, carving techniques, finishing, preservation, etc. Especially valuable "dictionary of woods" covers geographical distribution, physical properties, carving characteristics, more. Over 70 photos and drawings illustrate methods and techniques, works by Brancusi, Henry Moore, Leonard Baskin, other artists.

Name : NOTAN : The Dark-Light Principle
Author : Dorr Bothwell, Marlys Mayfield
Publisher : Courier Dover Publications (80 pages)
Price : $7.95
Description : guiding principle of Eastern art and design, focusing on the interaction between positive and negative space, demonstrated in 6 problems of progressive difficulty. Solutions will fascinate artists and designers of every calling and level of expertise, from painters and sculptors, potters and textile designers to architects and interior designers. 101 illustrations.

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