Thursday, January 1, 2009


2009 feels fresh.

The air is crispier.... at 12 deg. celcius, the goals are clearer than ever before, there's affection and love wherever I go. Either the cityhood of Mumbai has changed in a day..... or this is just the result of my outing last midnight with buddies of yesteryears.
Classmates from L.S. Raheja School of Art had a re-union of sorts at a distant village on the outskirts of Mumbai's central suburbs. There was nostalgia, there was fun poking, there was bonfire....... and more. What's better is that cellphone networks did not cover the zone of celebration, and that none of us carried a camera to capture the moments. Yesterday night's memories will linger on in the minds of only those who care to cherish them.

Some old bonds age like vintage wine. My 2008 began on a similar note too, with the same rhythm, the same set of friends albiet at a different exotic locale.

Next year.................. no one knows.

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